I'm a CG animator with several years of professional experience in both film and video game work, both hand-key and motion capture, and extensive work in close acting and dialogue. I've worked with human characters, animals (2-4 legs), vehicles, robots, flying critters and Smurfs.

1. Smurf Collapse: All character animation for the outermost ring of Smurfs, the main domino-effect Smurfs including the ones knocking each other into the water.

2. Look Out for the Hole: All character animation. This was also part of a sequence where I created several iterations in layout for the animation director and film director to pick from because the specific way for the action to play out had not yet been determined when I arrived on the project.

3. Not This Time, Gargamel: Received shot as WIP from an outgoing animator, heavily reworked virtually all aspects of the shot to bring it to completion.

4. Smurfs Fly Into the Void: All character animation.

5. Heroic Brother (two clips): All character animation.

6. We Need a Name: All character and chair animation.

7. Bucky, the Mice are Idiots (two clips): All character animation.

8. Mime with Hat in Hand: All character animation, set, camera, textures, character adornments and props. This was from my final short film project at Animation Mentor, and won the Student Choice Award for Best Silent Acting.

9. Phone Booth Hero (five-shot sequence): All character and prop animation, sets, costumes, cameras.

10. Gas in My Ride: All character and vehicle animation.

Maya was used for all animation on this reel.