I'm a CG animator with several years of professional experience in both film and video game work, both hand-key and motion capture, and extensive work in close acting and dialogue. I've worked with human characters, animals (2-4 legs), vehicles, robots, flying critters and Smurfs.

To continue to grow as an animator in an energetic and creative studio environment.


--Sony Computer Entertainment America, Animator/Lead Animator
March 2010 ~ Present (when not working at other studios listed)
-Game cinematics animation including full-body hand-key, facial animation and lipsync; mocap body cleanup with additional hand-key where needed for hands, props, and vehicles; and camera layout for action sequences. Occasional in-game hand key animation.
     Games included (among others):
     The Last of Us (also TLoU: Left Behind DLC)
     Puppeteer (as Lead Animator)
     The Order 1886
     Uncharted 3
     Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
     Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
     Killzone 3
     SOCOM 4

--Ready at Dawn, Contract Animator
September 2014 ~ December 2014
-Face animation for cinematics and in-game sequences for The Order 1886, as well as integration of face data into scene files.

--Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animator
Sept. 2008 ~ May 2009, Dec. 2010 ~ April 2011, Feb. 2012 ~ May 2012
-Hand-key character animator for Disney's G-Force and The Smurfs, including work with quadrupeds, insects and vehicles. Rotomation and animation finaling on The Amazing Spider-Man, which involved matching CG rig performances, by hand and frame-by-frame, to the performance of live-action performers in the 3D film plates; as well as fixing, cleaning and enhancing the animation of otherwise finished shots using muscle controls and sculpt deformations where needed.

--Technicolor Interactive Services, Animator
April 2008 ~ July 2008 & May 2009 ~ August 2009
-Mocap body cleanup for Uncharted 2 and Blitz: The League 2, additional hand-key animation where needed; full hand-key animation for Ben 10 Alien Force.




Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies
Jan. 12, 2008

Mentored by
Don Kim - Basic Foundations
Raquel Coelho - Body Mechanics
Scott Carroll - Introduction to Acting
Brett Coderre - Advanced Acting
Ike Feldman - Beginning Short Film
Ethan Hurd - Advanced Short Film


2013 Annie Award, Best Animated Video Game - The Last of Us
2011 AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Animation – Uncharted 3
2009 AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Animation – Uncharted 2